Other materials

High temperature adhesives

Designed for fixing pottery, molded refractories. Can be used for bonding thermocouples of various thermal units. They have a wide range of operating temperatures: from 950 C to 1750 C. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the physicochemical properties of the material can be adjusted.

Varnish for moulds

Varnish reduces the formation of hot spots on the walls of molds, thereby increasing their durability and service life. Contributes to the improvement of the ingot surface.

High temperature lubricant (with operating temperature up to 1350 °С)

Self-produced lubricant with anti-seize properties for severe operating conditions is a gray-black paste based on graphite and synthetic components; does not contain lead, copper, sulfur and their compounds, as well as heavy metals. The product is used as a lubricant with anti-seize properties in the temperature range from -30 to + 1350 ° C, can be applied to any metal and ceramic surfaces (including stainless steel, nickel alloys, galvanized surfaces).

High Temperature Plastic Mortar

This product is used for installation of structural products, gluing from individual parts of high-alumina ceramics, fragments of lining from corundum refractories, as well as for repairing various products of corundum composition, partially destroyed during firing or during operation. Shelf life up to 1 year.